15 Signs You Might be an English Major

Being an English major is great, but can be hard sometimes when it comes to reality and technology. Nothing beats a good books that you can physically hold in your hands or the amount of inspiration you draw from your favorite authors, but sometimes being an English major has its quirks.

1.         You HATE E-books. Hardbacks/paperbacks are the only way

2.         You text with proper grammar, even if your friends make fun of you for it.

3.         While everyone else is pre-ordering games, you pre-order the newest book by your favorite author.

4.         When asked, “What’s 2+2?” you want to answer “5.”

5.         You have role models such as Jane Austin or J.K. Rowling.

6.         “You have HOW MANY books?” Is a question you never tire of, yet always have to think about.

7.         The words “you’re, your” as well as “there, their, they’re” haunt you in your dreams.


8.         Your pet is named after a fictional character in literature.

9.         Quiet spaces are your happy spaces.

10.       Book smells are addictive.

11.       You relate every scenario to some event in literature.

12.       Heathcliff, Darcy, Gatsby, Finch, and Holmes are names that set the tone for your interest in men throughout life.

13.       You roll your eyes when other majors complain about a 2-3 page paper they have due in a month.

14.       You try to analyze and find a deeper meaning in ordinary conversations.

15.       You just know you’re going to write a book one day.

While being an English major has its disadvantages, like always wanting to correct people who abuse grammar rules and overanalyzing situations, the advantages overweigh any of them.