14 Hair Things Every Natural Girl Should Have

These are tools that should be in every natural girl's hair tubs. These tools will help you get through your natural hair journey a lot easier. Having the right items can make you feel better, look better, and have more patience when dealing with your hair. These are always the go-to tools and should always be on hand when you need them!


1. Satin/silk Bonnet and Scarf

I can't count how many bonnets and scarves I own. These are needed to protect your hair and preserve your hairstyles when it’s time to hit the sheets at the end of the day. Having a silk or satin bonnet/scarf is better than cotton because cotton tends to dry and break the hair, and we wouldn’t want that!


2. Detangle Brush

The best brushes for natural hair are a Denman, wet, or paddle brush. I personally use a Denman or wet brush. These brushes will help you detangle your hair way easier. By working from the ends up this will help the knots leave and your fingers are able to run through your hair. These brushes can also help define your curls tremendously.


3. Pick

Having a pick will help you get bigger and fuller hair, rather it's your curls or some sort of twist or braid-out. There are plastic or metal picks that you can get from just about anywhere, but plastic picks seem to be the better option.  I tend to pick, pick, pick my life away!


4. Hair Dryer

For me, this is a MUST! It's great to have a good hooded dryer that you can depend on for multiple things such as deep conditioning your hair weekly. By deep conditioning with a hooded dryer, it gives your curls a healthier life. Also, this can cut down your drying time if you have done a hairstyle to your hair and you don't have the time to air dryer or let your hair dry overnight this is the perfect tool.


5. Plastic Caps

These are used when you are deep conditioning. You should sit with a plastic cap on your head for 15-20 minutes or even longer if you would like. This helps lock in the moisture and lets the deep conditioner penetrate your hair.


6.Hair Jewels/Headbands

Hair jewels can spice up your hairstyle adding these to your braids or twist can give you a different look. Having headbands can help a bad hair day.  When in doubt and not sure on what to do with your hair putting on a cute headband can make things better.


7. Bobby Pins

Without these you wouldn't be able to survive, these help you create hairstyles for your good and bad days. Keep a ton of these they seem to always walk out of your house and go missing!


8. Spray Bottle

These are good for refreshing your curls if needed. They also help with rewetting your hair once it has become dry and you need wet hair to create your hairstyle such as a wash n go. You can also add your favorite leave in conditioner or moisture to this bottle to make things easy.


9. Diffuser

Big hair? I think yes! This is an attachment to your blow dryer that the curly girl should have. If you don't have time to air dry your curls or just love a big fluffy head full of curls this will help you achieve that look.


10. Wide Tooth Comb

When in need of a quick detangle with wet or dry hair this comb always comes in hand. It's even great to use if you need to part your hair with getting it tangled again and becoming frustrated.


11. Application Bottle

I use this for my mixture of oil which is Jamaican black castor oil and tea tree oil. It is easier to oil your scalp with an application bottle. The bottle allows the oil to hit your scalp directly, which allows the oil to penetrate your scalp and hair follicles which promotes hair growth.


12. Edge Comb

Rather it's the new edge brush or the old school edge toothbrush. You need something that will help you lay your edges best. Laid edges have now become the trend now. Pair this with your favorite edge control or gel and you are good to go.


13. Huge Headbands

I use my huge elastic headbands for about any "ponytail" style, they are best to do when you want a high or low puff.  By curly hair being thick we tend to break the normal hair ties so these always come in handy.


14. Hair Clips

Working in sections is way easier when dealing with curly hair and these hair clips work wonders for that. This helps you save a lot of time and also stay patient with your hair!



Body photo by Chelsea Hobbs