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10 Tips for Packing for Spring Break

In a few very short days I leave for my spring break trip. Have I began packing? Abso-fruitley not.


I am a habitual over-packer. Ask my mom, grandma, girlfriend, any of my friends, they all know it.  What I take for one week could supply anyone else for a least a month.


But they say the first step to overcoming a problem is recognizing you have one, at least I’ve made it that far.


I’m not sure if I over-pack because I am also an unwavering procrastinator (we all have our flaws), and I just panic last-minute and throw everything in my suitcase or it is because I genuinely believe I need 86 items of clothing for FOUR days. I just like to be prepared.


This time I’m making an effort to do better and pack less.  After Pinterest-planning and writing in my notes to procrastinate doing something else, I have come up with a list of packing tips to help me this time around.


Keep in mind, we are driving so I’m not bound by airport regulations.


  1. Pack your suitcase by rolling instead of folding and stacking to optimize space

  2. Pack HALF of what you think you need. Make a list, and cut it all down.  The likelihood that I will actually wear five different dresses plus all my other clothes during five days is just not realistic.

  3. Pack mix-and-match essentials, especially bathing suits, and one-piece outfits like dresses and rompers.

  4. Condense liquids like shower necessities into small travel bottles, especially ones you can throw away before you leave, making room for any new souvenirs picked up during the trip.

  5. Pack beach bag ahead of time - go ahead and store beach towels, sunscreen, etc. in the beach bag during the car time.  This keeps the bulky towels out of your suitcase and saves on time later.

  6. Don’t forget you can buy things there.  This goes especially for things like hygiene products, razors, and even beach chairs/toys that you have plenty of access to without having to take up packing space.

  7. Narrow down shoes to just a few pair. I normally need an entire extra bag just for shoes and only wear two of them the entire trip. Pick a few pairs that match everything and even wear one during travel.

  8. You don’t need your entire hair and makeup collection for a relaxed vacation. The beach more than anywhere is the place I tend to let the salt water work its miracles and keep the makeup minimal.

  9. Prioritize comfort - you’ll be happier with fewer options if you feel great in all of them.

  10. Bring e-books, not real books. I always *try* to read on vacation, but usually ends up in heavy books weighing down my suitcase and never being read.

I am currently a senior finishing up my time at the University of Kentucky, working towards two degrees in Integrated Strategic Communication with a focus in Public Relations and Gender and Women's Studies. I am also very dedicated to my internship as a Communications Specialist for a public school system. My goal is to work for a nonprofit post-grad, focusing on diversity and inclusion when communicating as an organization. When I'm not studying or working you can find me with my friends, girlfriend (Rach), cats (Ramona and Fiona), or all of the above.
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