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photo of corn field
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10 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

After all of the Jack O’ Lanterns and scary movies in October, everything turns to a winter wonderland full of snowmen and Hallmark Christmas movies. Sadly, this means Thanksgiving is often overlooked. However, this is not the case for college students. For many of us, Thanksgiving is the first and only break we’ll get during the fall semester.  As a college freshman, here are eight reasons I’m looking forward to this much-needed break:


  • Going Home

Even though I’m really loving Lexington, the Appalachian mountains will always have a place in my heart. Eastern Kentucky may not be the most hustling and bustling place, but it is home. It houses some of the world’s kindest people. Southern hospitality is truly a staple back home. Don’t get me wrong, Lexington is full of some very hospitable people, but home has a different kind of kindness. A type of kindness and encouragement that has supported me from the time I was born; it’s the kindness of a whole community that will provide an endless support system for me to return to throughout all stages of my life. Thanksgiving break will give me one of those much-needed times to return.


  • My greatest support system

Aside from just my hometown in general, my family is my true home. They have always been supportive of my decisions, including my most recent one when choosing to change to a journalism major. In my first semester thus far, I have only been home once to see them all, and Thanksgiving break will give me the perfect reason to spend time with them. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for those blessings we have been given, and my family is most definitely one of them.


  • My fur-baby

Most people would have including their pet in the family section, but my dog deserves his own section here. My dog is honestly the sweetest fur-baby on the planet, and I’m really sad I can’t have his 150-pound self in my tiny dorm room. After he gets over his pouting since he’s mad that I went to college, I know it will be a good ole petting time ending with me covered in his never-ending shower of fur!


  • Friendsgiving

I’ve made some awesome friends here at UK with the help of my living-learning community, Her Campus, Alpha Phi Omega, and the countless other clubs and activities available on campus. However, it still feels good to reconnect with some friends from back home. Thanksgiving is one of those rare times where all of us will be home at the same time, and I hope to take advantage of this opportunity. Hopefully, we all get together for a Friendsgiving.


  • Showing my boyfriend around town

Another thing I can thank UK for is bringing my boyfriend and me together. I am so thankful to have had him around for this transition to college, and Thanksgiving will be his first opportunity to come to see my hometown. Although we aren’t the biggest or most entertaining place, I can’t wait to show him around all the places that made me who I am today.


  • Watching the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade

I loved the parade when I was little. I’ve never been one of those people who went straight from Halloween to Christmas, just skipping Thanksgiving. I always saw the first sign of Christmas time as Santa Claus’s arrival at the end of the parade. After my little sister was born, she decided to carry on this tradition. Now every year, we watch the parade together and wait for our first sign of Christmas. We also just enjoy seeing all of the entertaining acts and performances.


  • Dog Show

As previously established, I love dogs. I love seeing all the different types of dogs, and the National Dog Show is the best way to do that. It is an annual tradition for our family to turn on the dog show after we chow down.


  • A break from the dining halls

If I’m being honest, I’m just excited for an actual home-cooked meal. The dining halls aren’t bad but after a few months, it gets old. Also, I’ve lived off the Taco Bell by my dorm for literally three months. I can’t wait to have a big home-cooked meal and help my grandma make it. I can almost taste the mac and cheese now!


  • A break from homework

Any college student will attest to this: midterms were tough. In the weeks following, most students are drained and just ready for a break. I am one of those students. I’m sure if you’re in college, you’re one of those students too. Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity to just relax and take a little rest before the terror that is finals.


  • My mattress

Do I even have to explain this one? College sleeping schedules are basically nonexistent; we don’t go to sleep until like 2 am when we have to wake up for an 8 am lecture. Also, I’m tired, and the dorm beds just aren’t as comfortable as my one at home. Shall I say more?


I’m sure you all have your own reasons for being excited about Thanksgiving break, but I’m hoping you can identify with at least one of these. Thanksgiving break is so close, and I wish you all the best in the few days it’ll take to get there!

Haley is a sophomore Journalism major at the University of Kentucky with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. When she’s not writing, she spends her time watching lots of movies, hanging out with her amazing boyfriend, and doing service projects in the community.
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