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For this upcoming spring, here are ten crystals that are great to have for the season! Each of these crystals echo the colors and energy that the spring season brings! 

  1. Moss Agate: This stone is a deep green color. It is said to boost ego, confidence and help with emotional balance. This is a grounding stone, so it allows inner peace and is good for meditation.
  2. Green Aventurine: This stone is a lighter green, almost a turquoise; it is also a comfort stone. It heals the heart and it is used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra in order to cleanse it of negative energy. It’s also good for gardens or homes, as it protects them from electromagnetic pollution. 
  3. Sunstone: This stone is almost a peach color and is beautiful to look at. Drawing its energy from the sun, the sunstone brings bright and positive energy to your mind, body and soul. It also heightens intuition and alleviates fear and stress. 
  4. Ocean Jasper: A multicolored green, sometimes white stone that draws in the eye with its unique pattering. It is a stone from Madagascar and it draws energy from water. It holds the energy of stillness, patience, purification and strength. It is also a symbol of rebirth. 
  5. Chrysocolla: A shiny, almost metallically turquoise stone that ranges from light green to deepish blue. This stone calms and cleanses all of the chakras and increases the capacity for love and alleviates heartbreak. It also improves communication and self-awareness. 
  6. Moldavite: A stone you might’ve seen frequenting TikTok. Moldavite is a popular but powerful stone, that if you aren’t ready for the changes it might bring, I would recommend not getting it. This stone puts you on the path you are meant to be on, but fastens the pace of it. It causes major life and relationship changes in a short span of time. It inflicts a powerful spiritual awakening and helps you open your third eye as well. 
  7. Flower Agate: A pretty light peach color that is translucent at times, this stone helps bridge the gap between emotions and reality. It connects the heart and root chakras together. It also helps you discover and conquer deep seated emotions or traumas. It is a great meditation stone as well. 
  8. A Crystal Statue of a Goddess: This can be carved from any stone or crystal. A Crystal Goddess represents fertility and the ancient symbol of springtime. It it also closely linked to Mother Nature or the Goddess Gaia. It is perfect for rebirthing your springtime energy and becoming rejuvenated. 
  9. Rose Quartz:  Known as the stone of love and passion, this is a stone of Mother Nature and is also a nurturing stone. The pink of it is perfect for spring flowers and the cherry blossoms that sprout in this season. It restores the harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love for the self and others.
  10. Merlinite: This stone is grayish white and attracts good luck. It’s also known for sparking deep intuition, and represents good and bad since it is colored black and white. It’s also a great stone for opening your third eye and showing the illusions of the world. 

All of these crystals are great ways to boost energy, clear bad energies from the mind, body and soul, and to spark positive change this spring season! Enjoy them!

I am a sophomore at the University of Kentucky with a major in Journalism! My passions are writing and reading poetry, as well as, experiencing new things the world has to offer!
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