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10 Best Restaurants Near Campus

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10. McDonald’s

                  I know what you’re thinking, ew, McDonald’s? Sometimes you just have that midnight craving for nuggets that can’t be stopped by a protein bar. So never fear, McDonald’s makes this list by being conveniently located near campus, right next to Chipotle across from the new dorms. Personally, nothing hits the spot like a four-piece nugget meal with a cool refreshing sweet tea- all at an affordable $2.98 before tax!

9. Raising Canes

                  Speaking of chicken, who does it better than everyone’s favorite, Raising Canes? Their Texas toast and secret sauce is the perfect compliment to the fresh, crispy chicken they can whip up on demand. It’s a slight walk down to the end of avenue of champions, but it’s sure the place to grab an after or between class snack. Open later than most, the campus Cane’s closes at 3:30 am. 

8. Taco Bell

What’s more of a college staple than Taco Bell? Delicious and cheap, nothing makes a better meal or quick bite than Taco Bell. Luckily, the nearest one is right on campus, being a 2-minute walk from Willy T. Library, on Hilltop Avenue. Coming in at around $5, you can never go wrong with the meal boxes. Hurry though, because this Taco Bell locks up at midnight during the week, and 1am on the weekend.

7. Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine

                  Nothing in Lexington is more exotic and delicious than Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine. Right near campus, on South Limestone next to Good Samaritan Hospital, Sav’s is a great choice for someone who’s tired of tried and true places and wants a little spice in their life. The traditional “Fataya” is a portable pick me up made from beef, traditional seasonings and mint, in a crispy pastry shell. Coupled with a cool soda, this meal will set you back $5. Be sure to get here before 9pm, as this is a lunch focused restaurant.

5. Mellow Mushroom Pizza

                  With its chill atmosphere and cool staff, no place is better to relax at and split a pizza with some close friends, or have a beer and some pretzels with a hot guy, than Mellow Mushroom Pizza. On South Upper near Insomnia Cookies, Mellow Mushroom is a short walk from campus. This is really a sit-down restaurant, so be sure to have your table well in advance of the typical closing time of 10 pm. Don’t be afraid to order that extra Woodchuck Hard Cider on the weekend though, because this place closes at a slightly later 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

4. Firehouse Subs

                  One word sums up the wide variety offered at this recreation of the classic submarine sandwich restaurant- delicious!  With an emphasis on customer service and fresh ingredients, this is one fireman themed sandwich place that can’t be over looked. The Steak and Cheese Specialty sub with a medium soft drink and a sweet cookie will set you back $9.73. This is a lunch that’s well worth it, however. Be sure to head over right after classes, as this place closes at 10pm sharp.

3. Sonic

                  A large ocean water from sonic is exactly what anyone needs to stay hydrated during a night out. The sweet, classic taste of lemon lime soda, with an exciting twist of coconut, is as unique as it is wonderful. This is as close as you can get to the tropics here, folks.  It pairs excellently with some delicious tots. If you get there during happy hour, from 2-4pm, this will only set you back half the cost of a normal drink and .99 cents for the tots! Sonic on South Broadway stays open till 3am!

2.Cook Out

                  Open until 4am, cook out is a taste of home grilling at rock bottom prices.  Not to mention the delicious thick shakes. With the Cook Out exclusive cheerwine, it’s easy to get a meal that can’t be beat at an equally delicious price point. Grab a bacon cheese burger, a cool refreshing glass of cheerwine and an amazing chocolate shake. You won’t regret it.  It’s just a short jaunt to South Broadway, next to the Waffle House.

1.  Tolly Ho

                  Tolly Ho is the zenith of college eateries. It’s a Lexington tradition having been at 606 South Broadway for over 40 years. Nothing can beat a “Ho Burger” with swiss and cheddar, with some delicious onion rings. The best part about this diamond in the rough is that they will deliver until midnight. With the average cost of a delivery meal being $20, it can be a bit pricy.

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