Your Next Destination on The Blue Line

This article is for anyone that lives in Chicago, it's neighboring suburbs, or even visitors stopping by. As you may know, the CTA is the transit company that runs through all areas of Chicago, and even some suburbs. It is divided into colorful lines; red, green, blue, brown, pink, purple, and orange, that run in different directions. I am personally a frequent Blue Line rider and have noticed that a lot of the stops are pretty awesome. Here is your guide to riding the Blue Line for when you are feeling adventurous or bored.

O'Hare-This is the Blue Line's first stop. Stop here to be directed straight into one of the largest airports in the United States! If you ever need to travel, just know to take the Blue Line northwest all the way to O'Hare.

Rosemont-If you're looking for a spot that's big on entertainment, get off here! The Rosemont area is filled with great places. Just remember to bring extra cash because there is a lot to do there. Rosemont has its famous Fashion Outlets of Chicago mall that has all the stores you can think of. Stop by the convention center if you're looking for a convention or nationwide event! You can also meet celebrities by going to the Allstate Arena to watch an artist who's performing in town. Rosemont also has very classy restaurants, King's Bowling Alley, a beautiful movie theater, and much more. Look into going there when you're feeling extra bougie.

Jefferson Park-This is the stop to get off if you're trying to go anywhere in the Northside of Chicago. Jefferson Park is a bus station with over a dozen buses that disperse throughout the Northside of Chicago. You could also take the Metra Train from this station if you're trying to get to the suburbs.

Logan Square-This area is known to be "hipster" because of all the cool places in the Logan Square neighborhood. With a variety of restaurants, street art, and a diverse community, Logan Square is definitely worth exploring.

California-Trying to add some nice Instagram pictures to your feed? Stop by at California! You'll see many pieces of art all over the buildings as soon as you exit the train. Many street artists display their work in this area. There is a variety of awesome murals that are worth seeing!

Damen-If you're looking to go thrifting or visit some of Chicago's best antique shops, stop by Damen. Not only are there several blocks of nice, affordable restaurants right off of this stop, but there are several shops as well. From the variety of thrift stores in this area, you're sure to find something you like. Try stopping by Ragstock for some cool hand-me-downs and modern clothing. There is also a Stan's Donut shop right off the stop if you're in the mood for something sweet.

Clark/Lake-This is one of Chicago's busiest stations, especially during the evening. The Clark/Lake stop will leave you right in the center of Downtown Chicago where there are numerous places to explore. Also, if you're looking to transfer to a different line (Brown, Green, Pink, Orange), this stop will lead you right to those other ones. Get off here and venture out into downtown, you'll have a great view of buildings and popular attractions!

Washington-Washington is another great stop if you're looking to head Downtown for an adventure. The stop leads you straight into Block 37, one of the most well-known malls in Downtown Chicago. Exit the doors and you'll be welcomed by buildings and a grand selection of places to go.

UIC Halsted-If you're a student at UIC, a friend of a student at UIC, or simply just hungry, this is the stop for you. This stop leads directly into the University of Illinois at Chicago's campus as well as several surrounding neighborhoods. For a variety of foods, walk south of the train stop to Taylor Street. If you walk in either direction, you'll surely stumble into dozens of restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream shops, and much more. For Greek food and architecture, head to Greek Town just a block north from the station. Head south on the Halsted bus to explore Pilsen, one of Chicago's largest Hispanic communities filled with art, great food, and amazing places (The Mexican Art Museum is always free). Not feeling any of these types of foods? Little Italy is located not too far from UIC as well.