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Workout Songs that will Aid You

If your new years’ resolution is like most peoples, then you probably have a goal to get fit in 2011. The Rec Center is packed with people trying to stick to their resolutions, but while everyone else is going to give up in a few weeks, you will still be going strong in the gym with these musical motivations!

1. “Scream” by Kelis

You might know Kelis from the hit song “Milkshake,” but the girl has gone dance diva with her new album “Flesh Tone.” While the whole album personally keeps me motivated when doing cardio work, the song “Scream” is a particular highlight. It seems like a simple piano driven song at first, but when you’re getting ready to give up during that sweaty run, a go-hard David Guetta dance beat kicks in and motivates you to continue on strong. Trust me, you will feel determined and energized when working out to this song.

2. “3” by Britney Spears

Ok, ok, yes, this song is a year old! But this classic Britney song holds a certain sexiness that will surely leave you craving and determined to feel the sex appeal that you will have when you stick to your workout plan. It’s a great song to do your pre-workout stretches to and will definitely charge you up!

3. “Loca” by Shakira (ft. El Cata)

“Loca” is Shakira’s latest hit and is going to aide you in the gym. I included the Spanish version of the song because, well, who won’t be thinking about her toned and exotic body? You’re going to add a couple of more minutes to the elliptical when you’re jamming to this song!

4. “Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears

You got me; I’m a big Britney fan. You won’t be disappointed with her new single “Hold It Against Me,” though! The hottest producers on the Billboard chart right now, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, help Spears craft this exquisite dance song. Its electric beats and dub-step breakdown are going to compliment your cardio work and your body.

By now, you should already be in the process of downloading these songs on to your iPod. If not, get moving! You will own 2011 with your new body!

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