Wired Headphones Are Better Than Airpods

Disclaimer: I am in no way attacking anyone that owns Airpods, this is solely my opinion.

We've all been hearing a load of Airpod jokes and have witnessed many people walking around with this new device accessory in their ears. It may just be that I'm slightly salty, but I personally still think a traditional set of headphones/earbuds is better than a pair of wireless earbuds. Here are a few reasons as to why you should just stick to your old pair of headphones before considering investing your money in Airpods:

Don't Spend Your Life Savings

Yes, we all enjoy having a good pair of headphones to listen to our favorite songs and watch our favorite TV shows with on our cell phones. However, you don't need to spend much on a decent pair of quality headphones. Rather than buying $160 Airpods, you could easily spend $20 on a good pair of wired headphones. Not only that, but, if you want to aim even lower, you could find a nice pair of wired headphones at the dollar store!

Save Your iPhone From Destruction

Ever had those moments where your phone suddenly falls and your headphones save it from shattering? Airpods wouldn't be able to do that for you. With Airpods, you won't have a backup for when your phone suddenly falls out of your pocket--they can't save it without the wire.

You Can't Lose Them

Imagine reaching for your headphones and realizing they fell out of your backpack. Not only is it a scary thought, but it would also be an inconvenience to find only one Airpod. A nice cord would keep them together and prevent the loss of your headphones. Also, Apple just came out with a new attachable cord for your Airpods. You won't have to spend your extra cash on that with your normal old-fashioned earbuds.

Don't Worry About Charging Them

On top of charging your phone, now you'd need to charge your headphones too. Save yourself the trouble of keeping track of your Airpods' battery life and stick with regular headphones.

You Won't' Be Bothered

We all hate when people talk to you with headphones on. Sometimes, headphones help us get out of uncomfortable situations in public. If people can't tell that you're wearing headphones, you can't avoid those awkward encounters anymore.

These are purity thoughts from my own mind and my own opinion, but I prefer my old fashioned, wired headphones that end up tangled from sitting in my backpack rather than two little buds that rattle around inside it only to end up inevitably lost for days, if not weeks.