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Why It’s Okay To Lose A Friend

At some point, we all eventually lose our friends one way or another. It may not seem difficult on paper, but it’s one of the hardest jobs to maintain that special bond that is friendship. Whether one of you did something or you’re drifting away from each other. It’s normal to lose a friend. It will make more sense to you as times passes to realize this is reality and these things happen all the time. 

1. It’s Not Just You

Losing touch is usually normal for both sides unless one of the sides completely messes everything up. Do not blame yourself entirely or blame your friend. Remember, it takes two to tango.

2. People Change

This is the most obvious one, but people need to be reminded of this again. People constantly evolve, and sometimes losing one or two friends is a part of it. People change when they are going through a tough time or when they want things in life differently. When people change, relationships end up changing too. It’s the way of life, and it’s out of your control. 

3. You Learn From It

Losing a friend can be just as hurtful as breaking up with a partner or even more so. Or in some cases, a part of you. On the brighter side, think of it as a lesson. As the poet Nikita Gill says, from these lessons you learn how to choose the people you love better. Who is truly someone who will stay with you through everything. How to love better. How to forget the people that caused you pain. How to reassure the people who mean the world to you. The friends that are temporary in your life are just as important as the friends that are permanent. They teach you to value those who will stay so much more. And every happy memory, no matter whether you lose the person within it, is as valuable as diamonds are, but more to the human soul. 

My name is Priya Movva. I am a freshman in UIC and my major is English. I am currently a writer for Her Campus UIC. I like dogs, photography, books, muay thai and movies. 
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