Why Fanny Packs Are Pretty Great

Fanny packs have been making a comeback! You have probably been seeing fanny packs in stores and celebrities recently wearing them as well. Here are a few reasons why they're pretty awesome:

You Can Finally Easily Carry Your Things

Fanny packs are great for holding small essential items that you need access to on a daily basis. They can fit anything from keys, money, wallets, glasses, gum, snacks, cards, and any other necessities. 

You Can Keep Your Belongings Close

Instead of carrying things in your backpack, purses, or pockets, and worrying that they might fall out, fanny packs ensure that your belongings stay close to you. With their zipper design and perfect positioning, your things will definitely stay in place.

They Add To Your Outfit

Just like a handbag or purse, fanny packs come in different styles and designs, and they'll totally make your outfit pop. 

They're Small

Fanny packs are small and lightweight, yet offer so much! This makes them super comfortable and easy to carry around.

They Can Be Styled In Many Ways

Fanny packs don't have to be worn just below your stomach; they can be styled over the shoulder as well! You can rock your fanny pack any way you want and change it up depending on how you're feeling.