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Why Every Woman Should Have Hot Sauce In Her Bag

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

When Beyonce’s Lemonade came out, it lit up the Internet with three explosive topics- Jay-Z’s infidelity (because, what?), Black Women’s empowerment, and hot sauce. The hot sauce in the bag debate really just pointed out the obvious: Black women are ready to season their foods at any moment- and are extremely skilled at it. To our fairer skinned folks, this might seem a bit extreme, but nobody ever makes memes about how bland people of color’s’ food may be. So maybe it is time to take note, and Frank’s RedHot has created a kit to help kickstart your new, flavorful life.

The bag comes with a packet of Old Bay Seasoning and two packets of their famous RedHot hot sauce. So no more excuses of only having salt on hand. If you’re a little nervous about your creativity in the kitchen, here are some ideas of different foods that can be spiced up a bit.



The most important meal of the day deserves a new kick to put you into high gear.

  • Add it to your eggs- scrambled or omelet style.

  • Definitely mix it into your beans for those that do a more Latino breakfast.

  • For those that are more on-the-go, take a piece of fruit in the morning, and add some sauce to that.                                                                                 

Spice Up Old Favorites

Add a twist to foods you already love to gain inspiration for new concoctions.

  • Get Creative and invent a signature wing sauce

  • Experiment with your other sauces- hollandaise, tartar, mayonnaise, cocktail

  • Pour hot sauce with lime onto your popcorn for a sweet/tangy mix!

  • Top a burger with caramelized onions mixed with hot sauce

  • Use as a dressing, either whipped by itself, or combined with a vinaigrette, mixed with ketchup and mayo, or even as thousand island dressing

As A Household Secret

Just DIY it.

  • Keep out squirrels by mixing a few drops in with birdseed

  • Stir into soups (tortilla soup, black bean, chili, vegetable soup, chicken and dumpling)—great during cold season to ease congestion.

  • Mix in with ground pork to make breakfast sausages

  • Lather onto nails to kick a nail-biting habit.

There are just too many reasons to use it to not have hot sauce in your bag.

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Hi, my name is Kimberly Camacho. I am the president of Her Campus Chapter at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am an active junior who is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Art. I am a dog person but a current cat mom. One day, I hope to open my own feminist clothing company, but until then I intend on gaining industry experience by working in advertising and being involved in woman-oriented organizations. Please feel free to reach out at any time with any questions and concerns, or even to go grab a cup of coffee.