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Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Always Suck

Dateless December, Just me January, oh and Forever-alone February.

Welp. It’s that time of the year again. All the couples have come out of hiding and rushed their ways back into our field of view, and suddenly we realize we are going to be spending another year drowning our sorrows in chocolate and beverages of choice.

You could walk around wondering how to get someone to feed you the chocolate this year, or you can embrace your singleness. Spend the day with your friends this year.

Embrace your Samantha Jones and know that you are more than just a single lady. Celebrate the fact that you are not tied down by someone. Too fabulous to see that anyone else matters; keep your hopes and dreams front and center.

If you’re single, you have the chance to run into the hottest guy around and take him out. Maybe it won’t be Nick Jonas but I mean hey, at least the opportunity is out there…

It doesn’t take a relationship or a significant other to have a great valentine’s day. Enjoy your day just like any other awesome day!

When in doubt, remember: treat yo self.

HiiI'm Lauren- Sophomore at UIC,  girl who hates science but aspires to be a nurse. Catch me on campus looking as basic as ever, coffe and planner in hand too.Oh and I am probably the sassiest person you'll ever meet.  
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