Which Album Matches Your Valentine's Day Mood?

Valentine's Day - the day of ~love~ that makes everyone feel some sort of strong emotion that isn’t always love. While some are overwhelmed with their love for their partners or friends, some are deep in their apathy for the holiday to the point of boycotting Valentine’s Day altogether. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, there’s an album for you to set the tone the right way.

1. For the confused single person: Melodrama by Lorde

Four years after the release of Pure Heroine, the now adult, Lorde comes back with Melodrama. This album is for the 20-something swept up in all the parties and charades of modern 'romance'. The one that also comes back home alone and questionably lonelier. Tales about post-breakup self-discovery are the core of this work. This album is relatable to anyone that is intimidated (yet excited) about their new prospects in adulthood.

2. For the person stuck in a Situationship: Ctrl by SZA

Speaking of ‘20 something’s, Ctrl is SZA’s take on still trying to understand yourself in your 20s. This album is about how your relationships with others reflect those insecurities and self-doubt. While you’re trying to figure out where you stand with your partner and why you aren’t an item, SZA is asking the same questions while confessing her role in the situation. The roots of these answers stem deeper than the relationship for SZA, as the listener joins in on her discovery of her self-worth.  

3. For the single hopeless romantic: Taylor Swift by Taylor Swift

As much as people love to hate on Taylor for writing songs about her exes, she has some sappy stuff in her early catalog. She rose to fame by perfectly encapsulating the rush of puppy love. Taylor Swift covers the feeling of innocent, eager flirtation and being able to gush to your girlfriends with exciting news. This album is for those that may have been broken down by love already but still hope to find their happily-ever-after.

4. For the bad bitch: Anti by Rihanna

With the bangers 'Needed Me,' 'Bitch Better Have My Money,' and 'Work,' this album is perfect to get in the zone. Songs like 'Never Ending,' and 'Higher' unapologetically embrace the softer side that we all have. ANTI is for the strong, single woman that considers love but doesn't prioritize it. 

For those in happy relationships that are looking for an album, this isn’t for you. Go do something with your SO!