When I'm in Lecture

I could hear paper rustling. Why is there so much paper rustling? Flip. Flip. Rustle.

“Why do these protons get stuck here?”

I could hear the sound of keys typing. Click, click, click, click. The chairs are squeaking. Why are you moving that much? Why do you need to move that much? Stop.

“It’s another piece of real data that supports…”

I can hear you whispering in the back. I know you have better things to do. I know you probably don’t want to be here. But stop talking. Maybe you should leave. Some of us are here to listen.

“I’ll just ask you this as a clicker question…”

I press down on the power button on the remote, and the AA pops up. I press the A button. A check mark appears. I press the power button again.

“Here was the NADH we made in the process of fermentation…”

The scratch of pen against paper is constant. Constant. Constant.

Someone just put their iClicker down. It clanks against the desk.

“When I’m at the gym and doing my 10-minute mile…”

It’s cold in here. It’s so cold. Did they not turn on the heat? Didn’t they know it was going to be colder today? Should I put on my jacket? Will that attract too much attention? I’ll have to get out of my seat. But it’s cold…

“They use up all the oxygen. That’s how you produce alcohol…”

Oh no. He’s passing the mic around. I don’t want it. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact… Whew!

There’s a weird diagram on the projector. It kind of looks like a maze. Why is the girl next to me shaking her leg?

“We’re finally done with cellular respiration.”

Wait, what? What’s cellular respiration? Oh no. When’s the exam? Where did 35 minutes go?

“We’re now starting photosynthesis.”

The papers are rustling…