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What You Need To Succeed At School

Waking up on a Monday to get ready for school is never fun. Whether you may dread starting the day because of the tedious homework, the endless hours, or the unmotivated professors, you can make your day a little better. Here are the essential necessities you need to make your school days a little less miserable:
Headphones These are probably the lightest object you can carry that will instantly make your mornings better. As you walk to the train or to campus, tune out the noise around you and play music that will motivate you for the day. Playing happy music that you enjoy will put you in a good mood for the rest of your day.
Thermal Coffee Mug  Personally, heading to class without my coffee is pretty difficult. As a college student, it’s probably likely that you have a coffee addiction too. Prepare coffee the way you like it a few minutes before class and enjoy it as you head out. The caffeine will also make you feel more energized and attentive in class. If you’re not a coffee person, make some tea or hot chocolate. You can even choose healthy alternatives to sugar like honey or agave nectar to make sure you start your day with a healthy drink.
A Cute Planner This may seem pretty basic, but the type of planner you have really makes a difference. I used to be the type of person that would not organize their assignments for the day. Because of this, I’d miss important due dates and events. They may be a little costly (typically around $10), but they make all the difference. It’s also fun choosing from the variety of aesthetic planners that many stores have in stock
A Charger Bank Having your phone dead is probably one of the worst things ever (I’m writing this on the CTA with a dead phone in my pocket). If you’re a commuter, your phone is definitely a necessity to check your emails, assignments, track your bus, or even call an Uber. Charger banks are small, rechargeable, and will save your life. You don’t have to go all out and spend $40 on one either. You could actually find some that’ll do the job for $5-$10.
Gum This is something that keeps me concentrated. Having gum in your bag can come in handy for many situations. Sometimes after eating something with a strong odor, you’ll want to freshen your breath.
Chapstick If it’s winter for most of the year where you live, always make sure you have chapstick. Having chapped lips is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. Avoid this discomfort by choosing a good chapstick to carry around in your bag.
A Mini Stapler I never thought I’d appreciate having a tiny stapler as much as I do until I got to college. As a student, there’s no doubt that you either have to write essays on a weekly basis or even complete worksheets for certain classes. Having a stapler keeps your papers organized and prevents them from mixing up in your folders.
Hello everyone! My name is Ranya and I am a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am undeclared and on the pre-med track. Something to know about me is that I love exploring the city, so you could always catch me biking around!
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