What’s Going On With Cardi B and Nicki?

Still wondering how Cardi B got that bump on her head? Same.

If you haven’t heard, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have beef! Both artists were at the New York Fashion Week where they attended Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. It’s still unclear as to why the fight broke out between the two, but honey let me tell you, this was some Worldstar stuff. Some videos were streamed on social media platforms where it shows Nicki leaving while talking to someone when Cardi charges towards Nicki and apparently throwing a shoe.

A shoe? Sound familiar? It should.

This isn’t the first instance where the famous artist, Cardi B, throws a shoe during a fight. For those who can’t recall, Cardi B had thrown her heel at Asia, a fellow co-star, at the 2017 Love and Hip reunion. After the attack, she hilariously stated, “Don’t you know New York bitches is savages?”

Anyways, Cardi B claims that Nicki “criticized her parenting skills." The apparent rapper “Chun-Li” had made snarky comments of Cardi B’s daughter which led to the attack.

The question of how Cardi B got the lump still has not been answered

Some rumors say that Rah Ali, Love & Hip Hop reality star, caused the big lump. But, according to TMZ, Nicki Minaj’s “security had a plan if Cardi came anywhere near, and one of them elbowed her in her face.”

Throughout the week the two artists have been throwing shade at each other on social media. Whose side are you on? Will Cardi B attack again? Is Nicki really the “p**sy” Cardi B claims she is?