What Kind Of Dog Are You?

Each dog has a unique personality that they are known for, whether it is adventurous, clever, dramatic, loving or lazy. Which one are you? corgi dog in a white tent with lights unsplash Life of the Party: 

If you are always free-spirited, love to explore nature and feel the wind flow through your hair, you are like a Siberian Husky. These daredevil dogs will never say no to an adventure. This kind of rebellious girl enjoys roller coasters, driving with the windows down, and spontaneously picking out a new tattoo. If you are a Siberian Husky, you can never get bored. Each day is something new and exciting.  Siberian Husky playing in the grass unsplash Smarty Pants:

Do your friends come to you for your expert advice? Do you find the planets, stars, and extensive universe to be endlessly fascinating? Do you take organized notes and study hard to make your future as bright as can be? If this is you, then your spirit animal is a Shetland Sheepdog. This determined dog spends her day discovering new things. These curious creatures are proudly one of the smartest dogs - congrats! Shetland Sheepdog unsplash Drama Queen:

We all know that one girl who pouts when she doesn’t get her way and is the spoiled one of the family. She loves gossiping with her friends about the latest tea (over-exaggerating, of course), without realizing time fly by. She has strong opinions and can never be convinced that they are wrong. She loves to be right. The recognition-craving Beagle is precisely this, as she desires to be pampered and shown affection. A Beagle spends her day doing exactly what she wants to do, as everything must go according to plan. A Beagle will howl at the top of her little lungs if she does not get what she wants. Is this you? Beagle Dog unsplash

Hopeless Romantic:

The most loyal and loving pup is the Golden Retriever. She will be your long-term companion, with a bond ever so strong. If you are affectionate, enjoy hyping up your friends, and are content making other people happy, you are a Golden. A person like this is always down for a romantic comedy, cries at the kissing scenes, and is in love with the idea of love. Oh, and of course, she actually believes that The Bachelor is 100% real. Photo by Laula & Co on Unsplash Lavishly Lazy: 

It’s noon and you’re still in bed, your clothes are messily flung about the carpet, and you are tired from being up all night binge-watching Netflix. You are a Bulldog. You don’t call it “being lazy," you call it “treating yourself," as you draw a bath bomb-filled bath and smooth out your face mask. Bulldogs are notorious for being chill and relaxed. Don’t ask her if she wants to go out, as she will respond with “sorry, I have plans with friends,” (and their names are Ben & Jerry)! Bulldog laying down unsplash