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What it’s Like to Have Your Own Apartment Without Roommates

Getting your own place is one of the first steps in Adulting 101. You’ve flapped your wings a bit, gotten a taste of what responsibility looks like, and it’s time you take charge of your own life.

So, what do you do? Flash a peace sign to your rents, and start hitting hot pads to find your dream apartment! At first with roommates, but soon enough (hopefully) all of us will have apartments that are completely our own.

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Having some new-found experience in this area, I thought I would share what it’s like having your own apartment, sans roommates, just a lot of self-love.

1. It’s all on you

When I was living with roommates, we each had a bill in our name and would remind each other when they were due. We would take turns buying groceries, washing dishes, and all of that fun grown-up stuff. Not too much of a shock, but living alone means that all of those responsibilities are yours alone. The plus side is that with only one person living in an apartment, bills and shopping shouldn’t be too much to manage (well…).

2. It’s peaceful

During my three years in college, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about terrible roommates. Most of us have had one or know somebody who has. You’ll be happy to know that when you live by yourself that factor is eliminated. No more arguments over guests, chores, or who tried to flush a pad down the toilet!

3. It’s quiet…almost too quiet

I’m not one who likes to FaceTime or chat on the phone often, but I definitely started making more phone calls to my friends when I got my own apartment. It can be super weird sitting in silence for too long even for the most dedicated introvert. Thankfully, this can be resolved by playing music, keeping a movie in the background, or even (gasp) inviting people over.

4. Things are done on your terms

There’s no limit to how late someone can stay, no deadline for when things need to be done (unless you count bills), and overall, no one to answer to. It’s freedom in its purest form! And you better soak it up before dating/marriage and kids set in… or until you become a dog lady with 5 hyperactive puppies (clearly the better scenario).

5. You finally made it

I know I’m not the only one that daydreamed about a light-filled apartment with brick walls, hardwood floors, and a million ferns. Though, your first apartment by yourself might not be as swoon-worthy as you imagined. You can rest assured, knowing that you’re taking major leaps towards your goals and dreams. And that’s always something to be proud of!

What does your dream apartment look like? Comment below!

Kristen Simmons is a Mississippi based writer who attends the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently studying English Professional Writing and plans on going into the world of journalism and editing. When she's not writing, she's oil painting, connecting with friends, and coming up with new creative projects.
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