What I Have Learned From Working With Four-Year-Olds

I've learned a lot from working with four-year-olds, more than I ever thought I could. It's so refreshing to see the world through their innocent eyes. In fact, I feel like a lot of us can learn from how four-year-olds interact with each other.

1. They Always Find A Way To Share

I didn't realize how easy sharing is. One time, there was one batch of slime. The kids figured out how to split it in six ways so that everyone could play. While it seems like the easiest thing to figure out, it was great seeing kids figure out a way to solve their "slime problem," especially when so many grown adults make the news because they couldn't figure out a way to make a compromise. 

2. They Let Each Other Know When They're Being Mean

Kids are really quick to defend each other. They protect one another when another kid acts mean. With bullying being an epidemic as kids reach the double digits, it's comforting to see that when kids are just entering school, they're able to recognize when others are acting unfairly. They don't let anyone get bullied. I wish they were able to remember this as they get older.

3. They Always Find a Way to Appreciate Something About Each Other 

Whether it's a bow or someone's shoes, kids always find a way to compliment and make one another feel good about themselves. Of course, they find the strangest ways to compliment each other at other times, like appreciating the speed at which other students use the bathroom. 

4. They Think You Should Already Be Married

A lot of the kids ask me whether I'm married and have kids of my own (of course, I'm not married nor do I have kids). When I asked them how old they think I am, they always think I'm a teenager. So yes, kids think you should be married when you're a teenager but it's just part of their innocence.