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What To Do With An English Major

As a graduating senior, there are many things that scare me. One of them obviously is, what will I do with an English major after I graduate? You might, like most people, be wondering why it is that I have chosen to become an English major. When viewed subjectively, majoring in English has more of a subjective value. It definitely is not for everyone. For people who are more practical and want to have a mainly financially stable job, which is very understandable, most likely an English major will not meet all of your requirements. For people who are thinkers, enjoy pondering about the meaning of things or who are creative by nature, then an English major would complement your personality. 

It is an overwhelming thought. Once you start to just think about it a little bit, the fear and anxiety starts to snowball upon itself. As any English major would be, I have started looking into potential careers that might catch my interest. Personally, this semester’s classes offer an abundant amount of ideas as to how to direct my intellectual theories or ideas. I have always been a thinker, and at times it definitely has felt as if I could not do much with only thoughts. But as the saying goes, Penny for my thoughts, I plan to do exactly that. Though I do not expect to make a fortune, it would be a personal achievement of mine to be able to flesh out my ideas. But, as an English major, who’s to say I won’t end up doing the exact opposite and working on collecting my pennies only. There is never a guarantee, but there is always a way for people who strive to pursue their interests with passion and vigor.

Over the summer, I have been looking up and forming a list of careers paths. To be honest, the internet itself will not give you a definite answer. It would be impossible. There are no sets of skills that are set in stone, and no degree will ever lead to a specific career. If you are anything like me, you have a variety of skills. Maybe you are good at or have knowledge of computer programming, some photography skills, have internship experience working in a sports radio talk show, or even a skill for arts and crafts; you can always blend together your talents. 

As I looked on the internet for potential jobs for English majors, the most common and promising careers are a copywriter, news reporter, journalism, public relations, social media manager, a freelance editor, or an author. The only problem with these career choice is that they require previous experience, internship experience, to be able to dive into it. These jobs are very competitive, and most have little space for growth. 

Of course, I am not expecting to give anyone a definite answer to their question in regards to what direction to lead their careers. Every decision you make is always up to you, and only you can take control of your life. I would like to be an example for you, as a creative person who has an interest in film, photography, psychology, and politics; I have become hopeful for my own future. As a senior with an English major, I am looking forward to someday being able to carry on my ideas. Knowledge is power, and there is definitely power in knowing that everything starts with you. 

I am a creative person who enjoys learning about the ways in which art can take different forms. My passions include learning about issues that effect our lives; things ranging from politics, media, culture, music, art, philosophy, technology, or education. I am a Chicago native and an undergraduate student at UIC majoring in English and minoring in Film.
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