We're Almost There: 5 Things to Help You Get Through the Semester

Inala. Exhala. We're near the end of the fall semester, and if you're like me, you're probably feeling overwhelmed. Maybe "overwhelmed" is an understatement for you, and I'm sorry things aren't better. I won't give you the whole "self-care is super important" thing because let's face it. Chances are, your teachers aren't going to forgive you for missing a deadline and whether you work full time, part-time, intern, go to school, or whatever combination of things, the truth is that people expect your work to be done on time. Unless you're physically incapable of completing it, they will not be understanding. I know. It sucks, but I still encourage you to do the little things that help you get through the challenging times and bring you joy.

  1. 1. Vent

    My first suggestion is to vent. Let it all out, honey. Vent to your friends, vent to your parents or guardians, vent to your grandma. Just vent. Talk smack, complain about your conditions and dwell on your stressors. This won't make your problems go away, but it is a good way to release some of that anger, stress, frustration, and anxiety out of your system. Also, you'll probably realize other people are in the same boat, and there is comfort in knowing you're not alone.

    two women speaking to each other
  2. 2. Buy Something For Yourself

    Is shopping and consumerism seen as a superficial way of fixing one's problems? Yes, but we need to find a way to survive and if pampering yourself or treating yourself to something does the trick, then do it! I'm not saying it has to be expensive (unless you have the means), but anything that would bring you happiness will work. Whether it's a cute bag you've had on your mind, a bouquet of flowers, or your favorite chocolate chip cookies, it doesn't matter. Just treat yourself to something that will make you happy and forget about your woes in the meantime.

  3. 3. Dance and Sing

    Maybe this is something you already do every day, and that's great! If you don't, I suggest putting on a song or songs you're currently into and just letting loose. Sing and dance your heart away! This is something you can even do while multi-tasking, like when you're showering, doing laundry, cleaning your room, or doing your makeup. The point is to have fun and forget about your stressors. I recommend doing this every day, if you have the time, to help you relax.

    Woman wearing white headphones and dancing
  4. 4. View an Easy-to-Watch Movie or Show

    Unless watching a serious drama or horror movie relaxes you and helps you escape life, pick something easy to watch. This includes some of the cheesiest, corniest shows that are totally unrealistic but are funny and easy to watch. Of course, all comedies are fair game. Some recommendations I have for you are: "Emily in Paris," "Schitt's Creek," "Dash and Lily," "Brooklyn 99," "Parks and Recreation," and "The Office." Picking a show you've already watched is also ideal because you can watch it without the pressure of having to pay close attention. Maybe your version of this is to listen to a podcast or watch YouTubers and TikTokers. That's fine, too. Again, this activity is just to unwind.

    Couple watching Netflix
  5. 5. Journaling

    I know what you're thinking: "More writing? As if I don't do enough of that with school work already!" As an English major and Communications minor, I get sick of writing, reading, and staring at words all day, especially when I'm bombarded with work. However, writing down your emotions gives you a sense of comfort and closure. You don't have to write a whole page or book. A paragraph or even a sentence will do. You don't have to explain everything that happened to you that day or week, simply writing down your primary emotions is enough. You also don't have to do this every day. I recommend journaling on the days when you're extremely overwhelmed with some kind of emotion.

    grateful journal

There you have it. These are my 5 suggestions for things you can do to finish this semester strong. I hope you all find inner peace and commit to doing the little things that make you happy. It's not easy. It never is, but we're almost there.