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Was The Moon Landing Fake?

The moon landing, one of the most important moments in history, has been gaining some attention lately. For a few years now, people have theorized that the first moon landing in 1969 was all just a hoax. Here are some reasons why they may be right:

The Soviet Union

Let's talk about the history here. In 1969, the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union (now known as Russia) was still going on. There was an ongoing competition between the US and the USSR; both nations wanted to outsmart the other and get to the moon faster. This was also known as the Moon Race. After several unsuccessful attempts by the Soviet Union, the race intensified.

Due to the ongoing Moon Race, many people believe that the US faked the moon landing just to prove they were a stronger nation than the USSR. The Soviet Union had been attempting several moon landings years before the US and never succeeded due to complications. It seems a bit odd that the US was able to land on the moon so easily...


In many photos of the moon landing, you can spot some odd objects either in the reflections of the space helmets or in the corners of the pictures. In some pictures, you could actually spot random bags and equipment that would look like equipment used on a set (like for a movie). Some people have zoomed into the reflections of the space visors and claim that you can see a camera set up that belongs to a movie set. Another thing that makes the pictures seem unrealistic is the proportions of the objects in space. Here's an example:

In this photo taken by NASA, the Earth can be argued to look pasted into the background. According to scientists, the Earth is approximately more than 384,000 kilometers away from the Moon. On the other hand, the distance between the Earth and the sun is about 149 billion kilometers away. To put this into perspective, when we look at the sun as it is descending into the horizon, it looks almost as big as the Earth does in this photo. This would not make sense because the sun is much further away than the Earth; the Earth should look larger. 

Waving Flag

If you watch the footage of the moon landing, you could see the flag waving as the astronauts planted the flag onto the moon. This is definitely an indicator that it may be fake footage because according to physics and the lack of gravity in space, the flag should not be able to wave around. The wind that supposedly blows the flag is nonexistent in space.


In numerous pictures, you could see that the astronauts and their shadows do not align. For example, two astronauts are standing in the same photo, only a few feet from each other, yet their shadows point opposite directions.

Recent Landings

There were up to five other manned moon landings after the iconic 1969 mission. The final landing was in 1972--while the Cold War was still going on. If science and technology are advancing at such high speeds, then why haven't we gone back on the moon?

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