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The Walking Stick

I have a walking stick.

It’s too cold to wear a coat,

But the walking stick walks,

Until it’s too cold to walk

Its spindle legs tap on the ground;

It missed the bus,

So, it walked to class,

Because it’s too cold to run.

The walking stick can’t talk

But it hides in plain sight.

The other kids can’t see it.

They can’t laugh and point.

The walking stick had a family,

No friends, but a dog.

He used to have friends,

Before he was betrayed by the lot.

He has fallen from branches

And he hides from predators.

He hasn’t found his mate yet

But he still has hope for the future.

People are scared of the walking stick

Because they can’t see him well.

They think he’ll bite them,

But he has no venom to share.

The walking stick walks

Down the branch and back.

The walking stick walks

Because it’s too cold to run.

Hello! My name's Syeda Dayemi and I graduated UIC (majored in Biology). :)
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