UIC's First Kiss

In 2014, universities such as Northwestern, Berkeley, UPenn, and Duke published a video called “First Kiss” that went viral with a combined total of over 50 million views. The video displays two strangers who kiss each other for the first time, invoking awkward tension for the viewer. Unfortunately, they all failed to include one very important conversation about consent, so we decided to create our own version.

Raising awareness on college campuses is important to us because people within the ages of 18-24 are less likely to be able to define assault and know what constitutes as consent compared to people in other age groups. We are trying to change this. Next April, we will be holding a Sex Week campaign for sexual assault awareness month and will be partnering with numerous brands to help provide as much information possible to create a healthy discussion about sex and consent on campus. 

Northwestern University’s Sex Week Committee describes the campaign’s goal best:

“Too often, issues regarding sexuality are swept under the rug or ignored, leaving people with little information regarding one of the most intimate and important aspects of their lives. Too often, sex is regarded as a taboo topic, leading to miscommunication, avoidable issues, and feelings of shame about our own bodies. When it comes to sex, ignorance is far from bliss. We can aim to eliminate the sexual ignorance that plagues us and provide students with the resources needed to become fully aware and prepared to make informed decisions.”

We hope this video inspires college students of all races, genders, and sexualities to have consistent conversations with their partners about consent and help bring an end to the rape culture we currently live within.