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Girls just wanna have fun! Although finals are right around the corner, make the best of your time while on campus (don’t forget to study). Before you know it, you will be packing your bags and heading back home. Here are a list of things that you and your girls can do!

1. Downtown

Downtown is a great place for taking pictures, exploring new places and of course shopping. Who doesn’t love to shop?!

2. Photo Shoot

How about a photo shoot on the beach? With the nice weather appoarching us, the beach is a wonderful place to hang.

3. Sleepover #Dorm Style Edition

You’re NEVER to old to have a sleepover! Baking sweets, truth or dare, painting nails, will be a great way to have memories with your friends. Plus it’s college student friendly because you’ll save money! 

4. Dinner

Are there any new resturants you’ve been dying to try? Well gather your girls together and try something nice!

Raven is sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She majoring in UIC college of education as an early childhood educator. She dreams of one day teaching in both private and public schools. She has a passion for young people and most importantly patience. During Raven's free time from class she likes to shop, catch up on missed shows and more SHOPPING. Raven is sometimes shy but love meeting new people - ironic!  
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