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Tomato: The Brand That Is Redefining Nail Polish

I have always loved nail polish. I love how it allows me to show my personality depending on what color polish I wear or what type of design I do. Although I have always been an avid nail polish wearer, I never really did my research on the ingredients or brands. I typically used whatever brand I could find, or gravitated towards brands and colors that I saw my friends and family wearing. What I didn’t realize was how many harmful and toxic ingredients many polishes contain. In addition to toxins, many of these polishes are also not the best for the environment. After much research, I was on the hunt for a brand that would offer nail polishes that were not only sustainable but also better for me. I was so happy when I stumbled upon Tomato.

Tomato is a Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Award 2021 Winner, and it is well deserved. Tomato is a brand that specializes in creating zero-irritant nail polishes that offer a high gloss shine, free of harmful toxins. I was instantly drawn to the brand and decided to reach out to the CEO to learn more about it, and what inspired its creation.

Sylvia told me the story of why she created Tomato, and what sets the brand apart. At the heart of the brand are empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation. A direct quote from the website captures the essence of the brand perfectly.

Tomato is odorless, vegan, cruelty free, pregnancy and kid safe. It is free of chemicals and ingredients known to cause adverse reactions. Other nontoxic nail polishes still contain acetates that give off a chemical odor and still irritate hypersensitive skin.

Sylvia wanted to create a brand that would empower individuals to be comfortable in their own skin without the fear of toxins. From this, Tomato was born. Tomato specializes in creating water-based nail polishes made with only non-toxic pigments and it is made for hypersensitive skin. Sylvia has created a revolutionary brand that has changed the nail polish game. These polishes are made for anyone that appreciates minimalism and clean ingredients.

I was grateful enough to receive some of these polishes to test them out for myself to see what made them stand out from other nail polish brands. Not only are the colors incredibly vibrant, but the names of the polishes are clever and are definitely an extension of the brand name itself. Some of the colors include purple cabbage, tomato, egg yolk, chanterelle, pomegranate, etc. My favorite color that I tried was chanterelle. The polish is a beautiful orange, brown rust color that can be richer with more coats. Aside from the beautiful chanterelle polish, another polish that I was very impressed by is the one that’s called “eraser gel”. The eraser gel is exactly what it sounds like, it is a nail polish remover. However, unlike most nail polish removers, the eraser gel is acetone-free making it non-drying and chemical fume-free. Testing out the polishes on myself, I realized that these were polishes and a brand that was worth investing in.

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on Tomato nail polishes, I highly encourage you to. Not only is this brand changing the nail polish game, but it also is doing it in a way that is refreshing for the environment and individuals wearing these polishes. Sylvia has created a brand that is thoughtful and a community that aims to empower others. Using the polishes first-hand, I can see the benefits of toxin-free nail polish and the story of how Tomato was started makes the choice of using these polishes even more powerful.

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