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Three Heartfelt Korean Dramas to Watch this Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up and we’ve all been working hard, so pat yourself on the back for getting close to finishing another semester online. I’m proud of you. This spring break doesn't have to be boring and you don’t have to rewatch the same old series. Instead, here are three Korean series on Netflix that have perked up my mood and I hope you’ll enjoy watching!

Crash Landing on You 

A heartful romantic story of Yoon Se-Ri, a South Korean self-made woman and chaebol heiress. In a freak paragliding accident, she gets flown across the border, into North Korea. There, she meets North Korean special officer, Ri Jeong-Hyeok. As they try to get her back home, avoid discovery, and tolerate each other's differences, they start to fall in love. The drama keeps you in suspense as we watch two characters fall in love, despite all odds. I finished this series in less than a week, and I’ve yet to find a show more enjoyable than this one. 


Hello My Twenties 

A personal favorite that I plan to rewatch is Hello My Twenties. At a beautiful shared house called Belle Epoque, five very different college students reside together. We follow the lives of these five young women as they manage school, love, future, and their friendships with each other. The series starts off with Yoo Eun-Jae, a timid freshman that moves in and has a rough start with her new flatmates. She meets a seemingly always serious Yoon Jin-Myung, senior working multiple part-time jobs. A beautiful Kang Yi-Na, that sustains herself with relationships with richer men. Song Ji-Won, an outgoing and friendly journalism major, is focused on getting her first boyfriend. Lastly, Jung Ye-Eun a friendly but sometimes selfish flatmate. We follow them on their individual challenges as well as their blooming friendships with each other. 


Record of Youth 

A fresher take on a coming of age series, Record of Youth is about having dreams and ambition in your adult life. As they get older and are not content with where they’re at with their lives, our main characters are trying to make their dreams happen. Sa Hye-jun an aspiring make-up artist meets Ahn Jeong-Ha and Won Hae-Hyo, aspiring actors. Their friendship grows and love starts to manifest between Hye-jun and Jeong-ha, as they all work towards achieving their dreams. They face many challenges along the way, such as finances, discouragement, and disappointment. An inspiring story about having dreams, even if you’re the only one to believe in them. 

[bf_image id="j83jk63h8k8m7kv42kqgsksq"] These are stories that have comforted and inspired me. This break, delve into the world of Korean dramas and see how you like it! Take advantage of Netflix’s Watch Party and watch it with friends. 

Happy watching!

Hello! My name is Mirah and I'm a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I'm studying Communication but in my free time, I like to watch films and explore local hidden gems! I love fashion, art, and music.
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