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Ten Things That Are Easier Than Midterms

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Okay, look, I get that midterms are an essential part of college life. Really, I do. But, honestly, as a senior in college, I am so done with taking these exams. Finals I understand, but midterms? Do we really need the stress in the middle of the semester? So, I decided to compile a list of things that are, for better or for worse, easier than dealing with midterms.

1. Driving a car for the first time with your father yelling at you.

2. Competing with the mathletes and having an epiphany about beauty.

3. Taking selfies before you visit your sister in jail.

4. Spilling your chili in front of your office-mates.

5. Running a 5K.

6. Getting frozen and transported 2,000 years into the future.

7. Having all your cabbages destroyed by the most powerful kid in the world.

8. Defending your home from psychopathic home invaders.

9. Feeling it now.

10. And putting on an amazing half-time show.

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