Surviving College 101 at UIC

University of Illinois at Chicago
1200 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60607
United States
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At this point, we have all overcame the first week or month jitters. Be it starting college for the first time, the last time, or comfortably in-between; we all feel the same emotions, how can I prepare myself to get up for my 9:00 A.M. lecture class after a relaxing (or not-so relaxing) summer break!? Where would I find the motivation to complete hours of homework and reading?! Why do I have to get out of my bed?! The key is time-management.

Despite being super cliché, it is absolutely crucial to plan, plan, and then plan again, down to your every move. I have found that despite procrastinating as much as I do, I benefit by laying out my schedule, monthly, weekly, AND daily. I purchase a yearly tabbed planner at the start of every school year. I make sure my planner includes a month but also day view. I write down important/hefty assignments on both the month and day entry. For shorter and recurrent assignments, like weekly reading or Blackboard Posts, I write down on the daily entries. I title each entry with the course. Whenever I complete an assignment, I highlight it in my planner to remind myself I finished it, and plus to get the rewarding feeling of completing a task. You can also go to the extent of buying colorful pens and dedicate certain colors to certain classes.

Much of UIC’s population are commuter students. This is another HUGE transitional barrier. As a senior-year commuter myself, I found it most beneficial to include at least one break in-between classes in my schedule. This break allows me to grab lunch, print, or sit down and chill out. Most importantly, this break gives me time to go to the library or a computer center and get some homework done.

Juggling school is always a hassle, but it is also very important to incorporate social activities as well. UIC offers many opportunities to get involved throughout campus. September is especially filled with on-campus social events from the Involvement Fair, Spark in the Park, and Fall Sorority Recruitment. All events could be found on UIC’s Event Calendar.

I hope I helped relieve some of your nerves and helped you gain a clear and ready mindset for the Fall 2017 academic year! Best wishes!