Summer Tuesday

yellow flowers Photo by Masaaki Komori from Unsplash

Lemonade kisses your lips and hugs your throat

The yellow sun punches your skin as your walk down the street

African violets and lilies wave at you in large crowds

Red robins whistle songs to you 

The furious winds scream through your windows


Peach perfume guards your shirt 

Sweat parades down your forehead and sideburns

Sand praises your feet and massages your toes

Beach waves frighten you


BBQ teases your nostrils and makes your mouth water

Freeze Pops dance in your mouth 

Brownies comfort your belly

Marvin Gaye's and Aretha Franklin’s voices soothe your ears


Your feet jump up and down between two ropes

They dance to the beat of the numbers drawn on the concrete

Green grass battles with your tears, your sweat and spit

The rainbow in the sky paints your stories