Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

Our past two Fashion Weeks haven’t been quite like usual but that didn’t stop anyone. Stunning digital performances by the top fashion icons allowed us to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry even more. What can we expect for Spring 2021?  

I’ll be honest, my style has taken a hit this past year. On more than one occasion, I’ve rolled out of bed and onto my desk. The same sweaters on rotation made the little fashion fairy that sits upon my shoulder abandon me. It’s hard to feel particularly inspired this year, especially when reasons for going out have dwindled until suddenly there were none, besides the occasional grocery store visit. But it's time to take back our control! The world is your runway and if that includes aisle six, so be it.

I don’t make the rules. 

Spring is creeping on us and I’m giving you, Spring 2021 Fashion Trends to expect. Vogue Editor, Steff Yotka gives these trend predictions: 


  1. 1. Mini Skirts 

    It’s time to let the sun hit our legs again. Prada and Miu Miu dished out bright and textured miniskirts this spring. Let mini skirts be your statement pieces this season and look for fun and colorful pieces. Frills, embroidery, or mixed fabrics. Whatever calls your name, I want you to answer it.

  2. 2. Trousers

    woman in red suit with glasses sitting on tree stump

    Oversized trousers were seen at Louis Vuitton and Jacquemus this past season. From classic straight silhouettes to statement patchworked pieces. The silhouette is out with the skinny pants and in with the loose fits. I’m particularly looking forward to this trend because it's the perfect piece to thrift. Check out your local thrift stores see what catches your eye. With a little altering, you might find yourself a piece unique to your style, but don’t let patterns and colors intimidate you. 

  3. 3. Colors and Patterns 

    Faneuil hall marketplace in Boston

    Tom Ford fed us textural stripes and patterns, vibrant, loud, and bright jewel-tone colors. It feels like there are no rules this season, so play around! Mix patterns and colors, add colorful statement pieces in handbags and jewelry. Tom Ford also emphasized loose silhouettes in his collection with light materials and mixed fabrics.

Ultimately, find whatever fits into your style. If you feel that you want to experiment with colors and styles, go for it! This is also an opportunity to shop sustainably, as well. Check out second-hand stores or thrift shops for affordable pieces. Look into local designers in your area and support their business and craftsmanship. Fashion is for everyone, and whatever that means to you, work it! The world is your runway. 

I’ll catch you in aisle six?