Songs That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood

Whenever midterms hit, I start getting nostalgic about my elementary school days. Back then, I was more concerned about Miley Stewart choosing between Jake and Jesse. But, with the Jonas Brothers getting back together, I've been listening to five of my favorite songs from the late 2000s.


1. "Can't Be Tamed"-Miley Cyrus

I felt like such a rebel whenever I sang along to "or tell you to go to hell" and my mom didn't scold me for cursing.

2. "Year 3000"-The Jonas Brothers

When I was younger, I really thought we would all live to see the year 3000 (math was not my strong suit).3. "Naturally"-Selena Gomez (and the Scene)

I was obsessed with Selena's outfit changes in this song's music video! But I also love how catchy this song still is today.

4. "When I Grow Up"-The Pussycat Dolls

I'm still not completely sure what the correct lyrics are to this song, but I still sing along to it.

5."Girlfriend"-Avril Lavigne

This song made me want pink highlights and plaid mini skirts. It also made me want to go mini-golfing.