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Unless you are going as a werewolf for Halloween, Nair Leg Mask will give you sleek, hairless legs in just 5-10 minutes! Put a spooky spell on your hair growth, as it will slow down its growth rate with Nair – unlike a regular shave. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s painless! Here is how you work the magic…

Prepare your skin by making sure it is clean first. Just as you would a face mask, cover your legs with the Nair Leg Mask without rubbing it into your skin right away. It should sit atop, unblended, not like a moisturizer. 

After the desired areas are completely covered in a thick layer, set your timer for 5-10 minutes, depending upon the texture of your hair. Coarse hair may take longer than fine. Your hair will not immediately disconnect until you remove the mask. It should not burn or sting. 

Unalike waxing strips, this mask will not rip at your skin or peel in a painful manner. Simply grab a washcloth of warm water and lightly scrub off the leg mask in circular motions until it is all off. Immediate and impressive results come with the usage of a washcloth, as opposed to just rinsing with your hands. If you have sensitive skin, wait a few moments before moisturizing your legs to avoid getting those irritating shaving bumps. 

And there you have it! Smooth, hairless legs in under ten minutes! So quick that you can even do it while doing your makeup to go out. Cut your get ready routine in half with the Nair Leg Mask. 

Christina is a Professional Writing major, minoring in Spanish, at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the Senior Editor and President for Her Campus Media, following her passions to one day become an editor as a career.
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