Simple Ways To Prepare For Winter!

Winter is slowly, but surely, approaching Chicago, and sometimes, people forget the small stuff when preparing for the cold weather. Here are some simple things to physically prepare yourself for this winter season!

Keep hand lotion with you at all times!

During the winter season, our hands tend to get dry and damaged because of the cold weather they are exposed to. Therefore, it is important to have lotion handy, since it is necessary this time of year. To keep your skin smooth and moisturized throughout the winter, shea butter works great, but any hand and body lotion works well too.

Invest in some fuzzy socks!

During the coldest part of winter, we’re usually wearing layers upon layers of clothing, so we can't forget to keep our feet warm too. Whether you're waiting at the bus stop, or walking to your next class, fuzzy socks are the way to go.

Blanket scarves!

Not only are these scarves super fashionable, but their extensive length can come in handy during brutal snow days! You can either style the scarf however you like with your outfit, or literally wear it as a blanket.

Sleep with multiple blankets, thinnest ones on top!

The thinner the blanket, the more on top of all the other blankets is should be. This prevents all the heat from escaping. The fluffiest blankets should be the ones touching your skin, while the others just work as a barrier.

Take Vitamin D!

Take that extra step to keep your body healthy. You can find vitamin D and other vitamin supplements at your local drugstore.