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Sex in the Dark

Despite how confidant you may be, everyone seems to have questions about sex. Whether they are about the act itself (somehow I don’t think your parents’ “the birds and the bees” speech covered it all), relationship and romance related, or if you plain don’t understand the opposite gender, chances are that others are having the exact same concerns!
However, how does one go about getting these questions answered in a completely relaxed and embarrassment – free environment? Why, by attending a meeting solely devoted to Sex!
RHA (or the Residence Hall Association) is expanding their annual event to all aspects of campus life to accommodate those wishing to attend. Here, at the Sex in the Dark program, students will be allowed to anonymously ask or answer sexual or relationship based questions to their gender of attraction. Not only will this clear up essential confusion, but it will also answer physical questions that only experts would know! Well, from an actual expert that is! A representative from the Wellness Center will also be present to explain sexual health facts that are essential for keeping your and your body as safe as possible.
Want more perks? RHA will present all present with delicious snacks such as chocolate fondue, as well as a raffle ticket in which you have a chance to win many sex related products! And, you can always use this as your place to receive many free condoms, provided by the Wellness Center.
Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 in the Rathskeller on East Campus, 7 PM.
Date: Monday, September 19th, 2011, in the JST Events Center on South Campus, 9 PM.
Come to either event, or both to have some fun in the dark! Sounds pretty sexy huh? ;)

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