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As a woman, there are certain essentials that you always need on hand. Life is crazy, it’s no secret, so it is better to be prepared for whatever comes your way. The fact that many of us carry bags with us; whether it’s a backpack, a clutch, a crossover bag, or a huge purse that we toss over our shoulder, we always have items of our choice in them. But, what about the “stuff” that we don’t have? Here are a few must-haves that will help you navigate through your everyday life.

1. Pen/Pencil

Simple: so you always have something to write with if needed.

2. Feminine Hygiene Product of Your Choice

Being a woman, the unexpected is bound to happen. Those surprise visits from Mother Nature are always “really great.” While you’re at it, pack some type of menstrual symptom relief, you’re definitely going to need it in the long run. The best part is, you don’t have to be on your period to use it, you could have a stomach ache or a headache, or have back pain, and still take this supplement of your choice for relief.

3. Lipstick AND ChapStick

Lipstick is always a must-have on the go. It’s great for touch-ups before a date or a meeting, when you want to look your best. ChapStick is one of those things that you should have multiples of, and have multiples of multiples. They are small and convenient to carry, put in your coat pocket, purse, car, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere really. As long as you have one somewhere, you will never have to fear chapped lips.

4. Hand Lotion

Always necessary, mainly because dry skin cracks over time. Skin that does not have the right amount of moisture in it tends to be a bit painful and uncomfortable. It’s best to have lotion on hand, and, on your hands, to relieve your skin of the harsh weather conditions and everything else imaginable that they are put through and face every day.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes, you just need a little extra cleanliness added to your routine.

6. Tissues (Dry and Wet)

Tissues are something that should be carried all the time. A runny nose can be bothersome when you have nothing to wipe it with. And the wet napkins, well, they have multiple uses. You could use them to wipe your face from the excess oil after a long day. They are useful when your eyeliner decides to one day not give you a perfect wing, and you’re forced to do it all over again. Maybe you slipped, and fell into the mud; when you can’t get to a bathroom to wash yourself off, the wet-naps are your savior. They can help wipe stains off your clothing and shoes too.

7. Wallet (A Small One)

We all need a space for our cards and money, there’s no need for a bulky wallet, a small, thin, pocket-sized one will do just fine. All your credit cards, debit card, and some cash can fit into it without a problem.

8. A Small Snack

We all get hungry, pack something light, but something that’s enough to hold you until lunch or dinner time. I recommend a non-perishable food item, such as a granola bar, just in case you forget about it for a couple weeks, and somehow acquire a funky smell, and a new greenish-grey pet in your bag.

9. Make Up for Touch Ups

We all want to look our best, so a tube of foundation or cover up, with an eyeliner pencil, and a stick of mascara is more than enough to carry with you for any occasion; just make sure the colors are more toned down and conservative to your look. Highlighter and green eyeshadow is great for a concert, not for a dinner meeting.

10. Planner

You never know when you need to write something down, and this also works so that you do not waste battery life on your cell phone.

11. Sunglasses

Mainly because the sun has a mind of its own. Some days, it looks cloudy and gloomy in the morning when you leave the house, but at high-noon, it’s like the sun decided to blind you for next couple of hours.

12. Accessories

This can be tricky; maybe a pair of earrings, a ring or two, and a bracelet. You may be out and about running errands and are invited to a dinner meeting and have no time to run back home to change. These little bits can make a huge difference.

13. Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

On the windy days, hair ties help, A LOT! They keep your hair from tangling and getting your face. Bobby pins help you style your hair in various ways so that you do not always have hair flying in every direction imaginable.

14. Cell Phone and Headphones

We all need cell phones; in case of an emergency, and if we get lost. Hopefully there is reception where you are, but even so, with new technology emerging every day, cell phones can help us find our way around a location when we have no idea which way is up or down. Headphones are ideal when you need to make phone calls while you’re out and about and the hustle and bustle of the city is in your background. It can be hard to hear what the person, on the other line, is saying when an ambulance is passing you; the headphones just help make your life easier.

15. Pepper Spray

Danger is around every corner; you can never be too careful.

Being a woman means you are always prepared for anything.

(Photos courtesy of pexels.com)

My name is Maggie, and I am currently a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). My major is English, with a concentration in professional and technical writing. Currently, I am interning at Classic Chicago Magazine, an online magazine located in the city of Chicago, and I am one of their social media correspondents. Being a member of HerCampus UIC is wonderful opportunity and exactly what I need to learn how to achieve my goals while enhancing my writing and technology skills.
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