Prepare Your Room For The Holidays (On A Budget!)

The holidays are coming and you know what that means... you're broke! No college student wants to spend more money, especially after spending all that money on Christmas gifts. However, we all love the seasonal winter vibes and sometimes need to be a little extra. I personally took it as a challenge to change up my dorm's lounge area, in the spirit of the holidays, without blowing all my money on decor. Here's how to easily transform your living space in the spirit for the holidays for under $10:

Red or Green Lights

The red lights are by far my favorite! Not only do they fit the holiday theme, but they also completely transformed my living room. They gave it a warm and new vibe. Not to mention that they were on sale, from my local department store. If you personally don't like red, go for the green, or even a variety of colors!

A New Table Cloth

A plain, old wooden table can definitely be transformed with a simple tablecloth from your local dollar store. They offer a variety of prints and styles to choose from. Even though the tablecloth I purchased was too big for the table, after folding and adjusting it, it fit perfectly.

A Little Christmas Tree

Did you know that you can get a mini tree for only a dollar? I sure didn't! Certain stores are now selling little trees that you can assemble! They're easy to assemble and expand into a decent size. I also went ahead and bought a set of tiny colorful ornaments. The great thing about the tree is that you can customize it as you please. 

Snowflake Stickers

Transform your plain, poorly-painted dorm wall into a more festive surface by adding stickers to it! Just be sure to buy some that won't leave residue (I bought foam stickers).




A Bow

A bow just tops off the decor. You could place your sparkly bow anywhere you'd like: the table, wall, fridge, you name it!

(Images by Author)