The Power of Conquering Your Emotions

Have you ever seen the film Inside Out? No, this isn’t a Disney sponsored post, but the animated film captures the inevitable fate that us humans have to deal with on the daily: our emotions. It sucks. However, I want to bring out the power of conquering your emotions whether it’d be with stress from school, dealing with a heartbreak, or just going through a rough patch.

First, emotions are inevitable, it's how we let them affect us that makes the difference in our lives. Know that in life there are ups and downs, which means that a rough time will only pass in due time. As individuals grow into adulthood, it is very important to mentally prepare ourselves for the reality that is life.

In a rough time, I say, give yourself time to let all of your emotions out in the most suited way for you. It might be crying on the shoulder of your best friend and writing down all your emotions on paper. Everyone relieves their emotions differently, find what is best suited for you.

Try to boost your moral, do things that make you feel better about yourself. Go dancing if you like it, or listen to your favorite album! Do your makeup or try a new hobby. The important thing is to get yourself out there and be productive. Life goes on, and it's important not to waste an ounce bringing ourselves down.

Finally, just know that strength is only imposed by you. There is great power in the person that learns to conquer their own emotions, to change their mindset, to steer their lives in a positive direction. You determine your own happiness, you are the one that gets yourself out of that rough patch. Like many, I’m still learning to make myself stronger when handling the instances of life, but the upsetting parts of life are meant to make us stronger and happier when the greater moments of life arise, so a good phase is bound to come... Good luck!