The Power of 3:Sisterhood, Family, and Friendship

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We’ve all been in a situation where we learned that we can only overcome the greatest obstacles by being “stronger, together.” The series premiere of Charmed last Sunday on the CW network raised the message of sisterhood and the strength it yields, in this case, the strength in magic. Although it was the pilot episode, it drew in the audience very quickly! The moment the episode aired, there was already the representation of sisters being, well, sisters. There is an argument about borrowing clothes--be honest, what younger sister hasn’t rummaged through big sis’ closet before for a new outfit?

Throughout the episode, the audience sees how successfully the sisters, Maggie, Macy, and Mel, represent themselves as strong individuals. The sisters all have unique traits that make them who they are; empowering women who fight for their beliefs. The episode involved the loss of the sisters’ mother and how the three united and discovered they were true witches with magical capabilities.

By realizing their true strength in magic, they were able to defeat an enemy that was presented at the end of the pilot episode that paved the way for what is to come in the next episode. The three sisters accepted their fate as the “charmed ones” in order to defeat the monster. The sisters realized that they must rely on each other to be strong and use “the power of three” to defeat any enemy that stands in their way. Although they just met, the three sisters became the best of friends and accepted each other for who they are, as sisters, as witches, and as “the Charmed Ones.”

We can’t wait for next week’s episode!