The Poetic Corner: Someone New

I aspire to be gentle and kind, and so forth I must establish that I mean no malice

And although we no longer communicate, I feel inclined to tell that you were completely right.

Those words we uttered in unison, on those cool summer nights, under the bright yellow stars, I now realize were so true.

And, although I’d sometimes scoff, and quickly negate your dimwitted statements

In retrospect, I now realize that yes—you were indeed keeping me away from someone else.

Someone I intently love—someone perhaps much better suited, much better fitted to my idiosyncrasies

Someone I yearn to see, to spend every possible dull moment with—unlike the story of you and me.

I now better understand what was profoundly lacking, as I stumbled upon someone new.

Someone who turned on the metaphorical switch and lit a fire within my chest.

One that was regrettably never ablaze when you called me “baby”


Y, actualmente estoy de acuerdo. Aunque, no quiero ser grosera, we were never meant to be.

                                                                                                               (Courtesy of the Odyssey)