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A Plumping Review on Buxom Big Tease Mascara

I am going to be very straight with you all because you deserve it!

Let’s start with the brush: I loved the shape! The conical shape made it so easy to get to the inner eyelashes and lengthen my outer ones. With other mascara brands, you can find wands that are thin and straight, which don’t allow you to receive the same effect causing you to miss a few ashes here and there.   

My eyelashes felt extra long when I used this mascara. In all seriousness, my lashes looked thicker, shinier and darker, they were so lush. I didn’t even need to curl my eyelashes with this Buxom Plumping Mascara because the product curls them naturally.

When applying the Buxom product, I messed up, like I always do, and I was trying to take it off with a cotton swab, which I found a little difficult. This was a good sign! It shows that the product lasts through all day wear! It even stayed put when I got caught in the rain without an umbrella. Iwas soaked head to toe, but the mascara was still flawless!

I definitely would recommend this mascara! It only took two pumps to get my lashes looking full and voluminous and for my eyes to pop. This mascara is going to last, no problem!

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