Overcoming Doubt As A College Student

Throughout our college careers, all of us, at one point or another, will question our choices in education and what will ultimately become our lives. You are sitting at the computer one day, doing homework for your next class and, naturally, your mind wanders off into space. This area of thought is usually a dark place to be. It’s filled with thoughts of, “why am I doing this,” “is this really going to help me anywhere in life,” or even something as horrible as “what’s the point.” Fortunately, there’s always a solution. The simplest one would be to get off your butt and do it already! What I mean by that is, if you want something, you have to work hard to achieve your goal. So, what’s a student to do? The easiest thing to do is talk, literally, TALK! If you ever come across negative thoughts, you know yourself better than anyone. You know what you are capable of accomplishing in your life, all it takes is initiative.

In order to gain some leverage, you have to know what you want. The best way to explore is to get around and make new friends. For example, in the working industry, it is always better to have more. In terms of future careers, it is better to have benefits and connections to many different locations. It’s always a good idea to apply to facilities that may not even have a vacancy. There is never a guarantee whether or not one gets hired, or even considered for a position, but it never hurts to try. Creating a social footprint, so to speak, in the working industry is the best way anyone can get noticed. If you never get out there and meet new people, many employers may not even know you exist. Why not publicize yourself, make yourself known and heard to the world. In a way, you advertise yourself, for free, in order to start making money. It may be a hard concept to grasp, but it is definitely worth your efforts when all the pieces start to fit together correctly. It takes time, patience, and a lot of optimism, all you have to do is give your best shot. Even if the first chance was not successful, you will always know and be able to say, “at least I tried.”

(Photos courtesy of pixabay.com)