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No date for Valentine’s Day? No problem!

Its a normal morning, you wake up, drink your coffee and take a glance at the calendar. FEBRUARY 14TH?!?!?! WHAT?! Wasn’t New Year’s Eve just last week? But then it really hits you. You don’t have a special someone to celebrate this Hallmark holiday with. Hold up, wait a minute, that’s right. You have multiple “special someones” in your life: your best friends! So grab your girls, and check out what the city has to offer!

One of the most anticipated movies of 2015 happens to be 1. targeted to (probably single) women and 2. released on Valentine’s Day. Thats right, 50 Shades of Grey will be playing at a movie theater near you. Our UIC campus is located by so many different movie theaters. All you have to do is grab your biggest purse, and fill it with high calorie snacks and a bottle of wine. But, of course, don’t forget your best friends at home!  

Another great friend-date idea is an all you can eat sushi place. An even better friend date is an all you can eat AND BYOB sushi restaurant. I am a firm believer in not getting sushi on a real date because nothing says “don’t ask me out on another date” like when he sees my face after attempting to eat the godzilla roll in one bite. And yes, I always succeed.



If you and the girls are looking for something a little more tradition, there are multiple places in the city that are offering heart-shaped pizzas. Deep dish, thin crust or traditional are being offered all over. Pick up a case of beer to go with your four slices and pizza, and you my friend are having a fabulous night.


The most important thing to take out of this frienentines (friends+ valentines) is that you’re going to have so much fun with your girls! Make sure to have a slumber party and head to Walgreens the next morning for 75% off red, pink, and white candy!

Arta is a junior studying communications, with an emphasis in social media. In the future she sees herself taking over for Ryan Seacrest, and becoming the next Kim Kardashian.
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