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No Bae? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Still Enjoy Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

Instead of being upset that you’re bae-less on February 14th, try these activities to enjoy it by yourself.

1. Cook yourself a nice meal

Instead of preparing steak and lobster for someone else on this special day, make your own plate twice as big (maybe not twice as big)! Lots of grocery stores have lower prices for Valentine’s Day. If you want to pig out on a nice meal, why not do it while it’s cheaper? 

2. Go see a movie

Yes, there will probably be a lot of couples there, but why should that ruin your good time? If the movie’s good enough it won’t make a difference. You might even meet someone while you’re there!

3. Go shopping

Whoever created the term “retail therapy” was definitely on to something. Studies show that shopping can make you happy, even when you’re feeling down. Whether it’s online or at your local mall, you  favorite stores are sure to have some great sales. 

4. Spread your love on family and friends

Make Valentine’s Day gift baskets or create cards to gie to your loved ones. It’ll be fun to create something nice for the people you care about. 

5. Stay in and relax

Do some laundry or catch up on your favorite shows. Staying in the house can be a great way to spend your day. Not only can you relax and get some peace of mind, you can also get things done. Who says your Valentine’s Day can’t be productive?

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