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New Year, New #SelfGoals

“The love and respect you can have for yourself is worth more than the love of another.”

The other week my roommate hit me with the text of the year- she had some wisdom to drop on me. It was 1am and I was lying on the couch in my living room watching Sex and the City so I was ready to hear what she had to say. What she shared with me really hit home: 2016 goals are still fresh and I, along with almost everyone else, am determined to make this my best year yet.

Out of all that she told me, #selfgoals really stuck with me while I willed myself to fall asleep that night to the thought of doing things that we want to do, only for ourselves and no one else. Although she may have focused these texts toward men and relationships, this applies to so many aspects of our lives. Lately, DJ Khaled Snapchat stories have been becoming far more popular, and he knows how to motivate us within a 10 second snapchat. DJ Khaled often says “Love yourself” and this year, do just that. 2016 is your year, this year you are going to love yourself and do things because you want to and you deserve them.

As the new year continues drifting past us, New Year resolutions get lost. The thing about making resolutions that don’t work out is exactly why we make them. Setting a goal of getting to whatever “goal” weight because that’s what society thinks is right isn’t going to work. Getting your butt to the gym so YOU feel good is why you should continue down with this goal.

In order to stay motivated and achieve our impossibly possible tasks, remember why you started. You don’t become a doctor because somebody else wants you to, you become a doctor because it’s something you have always dreamed of. You are your own motivating factor. If no one is around to push you, you have to be the one to pull yourself forward.

In the end, remember #selfgoals and remember that you are the best motivator out there. In the end, you are the one who is in charge of your life. Make this year the best of your life.

HiiI'm Lauren- Sophomore at UIC,  girl who hates science but aspires to be a nurse. Catch me on campus looking as basic as ever, coffe and planner in hand too.Oh and I am probably the sassiest person you'll ever meet.  
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