My Favorite Beauty Remedies

What are your favorite beauty products? Here are some of my top 7!!


1.) Cocoa Butter Lotion

There's never a day I go without wearing this. Cocoa Butter makes my skin radiant all year long. This is one of my favorite brands

2.) African Shea Butter

Just like Cocoa Butter Lotion, I feel like this really moisturizes my skin.

3.) Vaseline

Who doesn't love vaseline? I use this as edge control, lip moisturizer, and a knee cap savior

4.) Lip Gloss

Whenever I get my hair done or wear some nice clothes, I always remember to wear lipgloss to compliment my look for that day. I usually wear chapstick because you shouldn't wear too much lipgloss. 

5.) Face Masks

As someone with sensitive skin, I have to make sure I cleanse my face daily with the right products. Face masks really clean your pores and feel relaxing.

6.) Perfume

I love Bath and Body Works!! And I love to smell good, Period!!

7.) Shaving Cream

Summertime may be far away, but I can't wait to show off my legs. You have to use those amazing shaving creams to show the world what you're working with.