Must Have 'The Kiss' This Valentine's Day!

Get your lips ready to be lovely and lush this Valentine's Day with 'The Kiss' lip scrub! Lush Cosmetics' thematic lip scrub pairs with 'The Kiss' lip gloss with a pretty pink shade containing castor sugar, sea salt and mini heart candies to put you in the spirit.

The overall look of the container is adorable. It's small enough to carry anywhere. You can simply take it out when you go to the rest room, apply it and lick it off. It genuinely scrubs off any dead skin left on your lips leaving your lips with a new start feeling soft and smooth and truly kissable. Plus, it lasts over a year for a the price of $7.00. Unlike many of their products that cost a pretty penny and have to be used rather quickly.

Now I bring in the big 'ol BUT'. I did not care for the taste of it. The sea salt made it a tiny bit awkward to lick off this product. It would have a candy taste then begin to taste unexpectedly like salt. Yet, its still not intolerable to use. 

With all being said, I recommend this product to  any one enduring the Chicago winds and those who are going out with that special Valentine!

Photo credit: Gabrielle Harkins