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Music Blog: 2 Songs to Soldier On

HerCampus readers,

Need a pick-me-up track to combat the chronic gloom of our Chicago climate? Or how about two? Grab your toughest rain gear and headphones, and challenge the muck and murk with this pair of spurring songs.

1. “Big Red Dragon”

This first track hails from the debut album of Little Green Cars, Absolute Zero. The Irish five-piece delivers a unique blend of rock and ballad that dips and drives towards a bridge of harmonies wielding enough power to lift even the heaviest clouds. This twofold charm only increases as you venture through the rest of the album.


2. “Pompeii”

You may recognize this song from my playlist of predicted hits for 2013. Bastille’s triumphant anthem marks the beginning of the synth pop band’s compelling debut album. Strong themes of rebuilding and restoration circulate throughout the stunning, Bad Blood. Be sure to give it a listen!



Meaghan craves music almost as much as a good cup of coffee or a bagel smothered with cream cheese. Therefore, her most significant contribution to HerCampus arises once a week via her "Music Blog" section. Through this column, Meaghan hopes to inform and excite readers, introducing them to a variety of new music and music-related topics. Although difficult to decipher her crystal ball's contents, she would love to be working towards an outlet that combines design, writing, music, fashion, art and entertainment in the future. Obsessions also include the color pink and quoting her favorite films. 
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