Multiple Uses for Make Up

If you're running low on a product or on time, here are simple solutions to make the best out of what you have in your make up bag.

Lipstick: it’s not just for your lips.

You can dab on some lipstick to your cheeks and use either a sponge, brush or your clean fingers to blend away

Mascara: Mascara is good to hold your lashes up and give them volume, but you can also use it as eyeliner

When you remove the wand from your mascara, you usually see a bunch of left over at the tip. Use an eyeliner brush to pick up the left overs (or a toothpick, but be careful not to poke your eye) and start lining the eye and creating a cat eye. Mascara’s are fast drying so work quickly.

Eye shadow: You can create a number of different looks with an eye shadow palette. You can go from a neutral everyday look to a dramatic smokey eye for going out, but you can also fill in your brows and contour with the right shades.

Take a brown or black eye shadow color and start filling in your brows. Cream eye shadows may work best, but you can also use powdered ones.

To contour, take a slightly darker eye shadow color than your skin and start contouring your nose and cheeks.

Apply a white eye shadow to the top of the cheeks as highlighter and in the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them up.

Foundation: Foundation is great for evening out skin tone and hiding blemishes but you can also use it as a primer.

Most people avoid applying foundation in the eye lids, but by doing so they can create a clear canvas for eye shadow while also giving it something to stick on to throughout the day.